Unleash the Power of Your Last Mile Data

Save money today with centralized data, optimized operations, and task automation.


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Get a bird’s-eye view of your operations or zoom in on the details of a single shipment. By building a digital twin with Senvo, you take control of the macro and the micro.


Be a smooth operator

Set up adaptable processes that move with your business. Enable your team to easily spot inefficiencies and anomalies, identify potential savings, and maintain the high standard of service your customers expect.


Understand your spend

Clarify fuzzy finances to detect billing errors, save on shipping costs, and prevent failures. Get familiar with the real costs along your supply chain so you can deliver amazing business results—as well as great products.

Start in
3 simple steps


Connect your carriers and shipping data

Plug your data into our system and let us handle the rest. Our continuous, automatic data ingestion means you never have to waste valuable time on implementation.

Optimize your processes with ease

Get an overview of your entire system and tweak processes by simply selecting what you want to change. Make a meaningful impact without any work, fuss, or IT tickets.


Get detailed reports and analytics

Stay alert with in-depth data and real-time analytics. Comprehensive, up-to-date insights help you tackle bottlenecks, wasteful costs, and unforeseen hiccups.

Built for your business

Multinational manufacturers

Get oversight on operations, manage compliance with ease, and gain cost transparency along your entire supply chain.

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Retail and e-commerce

Understand shipping costs and save on fees, monitor carrier performance, and prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction.

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Third-party logistics

Stay alert to business changes and costs via a single platform, no matter how complex your operations and supply chains.

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All your needs in one place

Data ingestion

Import and normalize transportation data

Carbon accounting

Understand CO2 emissions on shipments


Apply custom GL coding rules

Tracking alerts

Prevent service failures in real-time

Audit and claims

Manage invoices and claim billing mistakes

Analytics and reporting

Turn data insights into real action

Logistics is complex and its data is messy and dispersed. Senvo offers a way to find clarity and insight amid all the noise.
Dirk Reich
Dirk ReichBoard member, Die Schweizerische Post

Want to build a transparent, resilient operation?

You want to move fast, optimize processes, and save money. Don’t waste time on tedious processes. Senvo takes care of all the granular details so you can focus on the fun stuff.

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