Senvo optimizes the last mile

We’re on a mission to become Europe’s leading last mile data insights platform.

Working together to demystify logistics data

Marie Kober spent five years as one of DHL Express’ top account managers. There, she noticed her clients all struggled with the same problems. They were losing time and money but data was too messy and dispersed to offer meaningful insight.

When she explained the situation—and the business opportunity—to her network, they introduced her to Ulaş Türkmen, an experienced software developer and CTO who has spent years building systems to support e-commerce orders, payments, and logistics processes. Together, they decided to found Senvo, a last mile data solution that solves the problems facing high-volume shipping.

Marie Kober and Ulaş Türkmen

Why Senvo?

Senvo provides a single point-of-access to your entire operation’s last mile data, whether you want to see a high-level overview or the details of a single shipment. Meaningful data insights help you make informed decisions, spot optimization opportunities, stop losses before they occur and maximize returns.

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Senvo is
Built by experts

We built Senvo because we know what the industry needs. Our combined years of logistics experience and vast tech expertise enables us to build complex data systems that solve real-world challenges.

Customer first

Because we know where our customers are coming from, we can build for where they need to go. We’re committed to simplifying complex issues and offering the best possible solution to our customers because when they succeed, we do too.

Closing gaps

In a business with so many moving parts, it’s crucial to make each element work together so maximum benefit can be enjoyed by everyone involved. We optimize logistics processes with that goal in mind.

Suitable for every scale

From big international players down to local retailers, our product can be adapted to every organization size. Because we understand the variety of nuances and needs, we built a product that works for every customer.

Future proof

As the logistics industry continues to grow, it will become even more complex. That’s why we move fast and work hard to develop cutting-edge solutions that will continue to move with the industry as it evolves.

Ready to revolutionize your logistics?

Knowledge is power. Give your team the ability to adapt to ever-changing needs so you can maintain the high level of service your customers expect, all while saving costs and preventing bottlenecks.