Retail And E-commerce

Deliver outstanding service that saves money

Senvo gives retailers the full picture so you can see true costs, savings opportunities, carrier performance, carbon calculations, and customer service levels in real time.

How Senvo sets retail and e-commerce up for success

Enable better analysis

Turn distributed, messy data into usable insights. Access harmonized, accurate transport data across all your carriers from one centralized platform.

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Align with Amazon Prime

Monitor deliveries in real time. Find out if products reach their destination in line with predicted delivery times and optimize your Amazon Prime service.

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Manage audits and claims

Get smart about invoicing and delivery documentation. Claim incorrectly billed or lost shipments and figure out what causes service failures, customer returns, and delivery issues.

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Offer low carbon options

Empower customers who want to choose more sustainable delivery options and see how your organization can reduce scope 3 emissions and hit net-zero targets.

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Senvo delivers


Understand last mile data at a glance. Centralized, actionable insights enable your organization to save money, reduce emissions, and make better business decisions immediately.


Monitor delivery performance and end-to-end costs across countries and providers to make sure your customers get their packages on the first attempt, no matter where they live.


Take tedious tasks off your to-do list. Maximize the potential of your resources by automating repetitive tasks so teams can focus on creating an incredible customer experience.

Ready to see the real picture?

Get a clearer view of your operations so you can find new ways to put your customer first, adapt to changing needs, claim lost shipments, provide better service and drive more revenue.